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I motivate design teams,
 and thrive in environments where the user is first and passion drives execution.

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Interaction Design, Mobile Design, User Research, Strategy

As UX lead for three product teams, helped inspire and build (hire/manage) visual and interaction designers. Keeper of brand, pattern, and interaction uniformity across BitTorrent Bundle web and mobile products. Contributed to product strategy and vision with the leadership team. Interaction designer on core Bundle product suite. Fostered design awareness across the organization.

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Brand Development, Product Design (UX/UI), Mobile Design, User Research, Product Strategy

Design director for small team of visual designers and front-end engineers. Contributed as an interaction design lead. Redesigned Android and IOS apps from nearly the ground up, led the management team through branding/strategy exercises, completed a brand overhaul, built internal tools for 3D modeling productivity, and helped set product roadmap and vision. Productivity tools and revised app flows led to massive revenue growth and user acquisition.

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Product Design, Branding, Marketing, User Research, Strategy

Led small team of internal and remote designers (hiring/management) as Director of Design. Provided wireframes for new features and products. Created processes for integrating design into the established agile development. Managed and gave creative direction to an outside agency tasked with a complete rebrand. Established a uniform product style-guide, complete with interactions and semantic markup.


Interaction & Visual Design, Front-End Development, Strategy

Implemented a complete product and brand relaunch for the 'Kayak of Airbnb', resulting in doubled membership, press and media attention, and a massively growing revenue stream. Provided product strategy, visual design, interaction design, and front-end development.

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Research, Interaction & Visual Design, Javascript Development

Worked with the Sidecar executive team to build a ride analytics tool. This long-standing javascript app provided real-time business analytics information, and served as a foundation to their customer experience team.